21 March 2016
2016 Important Changes



Inflatable Lifejackets be it manual or automatic are No longer permitted in Sailing races, this includes in the Rescue Boats. Due to recent incidents inflatable lifejackets have proved to have an adverse effect on rescue efforts.

• The Signing In forms MUST be completed prior to each race and forms will be available at the Startling Line and at 36 Harbour Street as a minimum.

• Membership payment is an insurance issue and as such must be paid by anyone wishing to take part in a PSBSC Racing Event, if you have not paid your membership prior to participating in a sailing race then unfortunately you will be disqualified.

• Previous Races that run outwith the Regatta fortnight, will be held on Saturdays at 1700, with one exception being the final Visitors Cup and the final St Kilda Cup which will be on the Friday night before the last race, the Jubilee Vase, to ensure the Jubilee runs on the Saturday nearest the 28th August. This also allows for prize giving of all remaining trophies after the Jubilee Race. Junior Races will be run on Sundays at 1500 hours as it was in the past.

• A trial run of a centreboard weekend will be held on the 11th and 12th June, consisting of 2 races each day at 1300. The Saturday night race will be combined with the all boats Plockton Hotel Stakes.

• Local Boats and Centreboard races will run alongside each other out with the Regatta fortnight, with the Centreboards starting 5 minutes before the Local Boats.

• The Girls and Boys Race during the Regatta fortnight will be returned to the 1st Wednesday Evening at 1800 hours, with the Boys Race being held first this year.

• Junior Races during the Regatta fortnight have changed days from last year but the same races remain.

• The Dubhaird Trophy pre Regatta fortnight will now consist of 6 races to run alongside the Local Boats Moore Bowl Series and the St Kilda Cup post Regatta fortnight will now consist of 3 races run alongside the Local Boats Visitors Cup.

• The Open Day is scheduled for the 23rd July and open to all.

• The Regatta Friday Dance this year will be a non-ticketed event and therefore will be open to anyone in the village members or not, with payment at the door on the night.

• The Rowing Race is Scheduled for 14th May 2016, dependant on number of entries and will be a start and finish from Plockton thus removing the need to transfer boats to other areas.

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