Race Results 2010


Local Boats

Moore Bowl - Michael Hay (NAN)

Duirinish Tankard - Terry Kitching (DELIGHT)

GF MacRae Memorial - Michael Hay (NAN)

Plockton Trophy - Ian Hay (SEOLTA)

Fred Allen Galleon - Colin McAndrew (SIRIUS)

Douglas MacKenzie Challenge Cuach - Ian Hay (SEOLTA)

Consett Championship Cup - Ian Hay (SEOLTA)

Alastair MacKenzie Memorial Cup - Joy MacKenna (SEARANGER)

Boys Cup - Calum Jones (SCORRYBREAC)

Girls Cup - Coleen Gollan (SCORRYBREAC)

Ladies Race (local boats) - Sandra Byrne (SCORRYBREAC)

Johnny Ruari Tray - Sam MacKenzie (DELIGHT)

Matheson Cup - Neil MacRae (RONA)

Ex-Commodore's Race - Michael Hay (NAN)

Visitors Cup - Michael Hay (NAN)

Ragamuffin Cup - Ruairidh James, Angus Claxton (DELIGHT)

Line Honours - Michael Hay (NAN)

Yacht Races/Trophies

Frithard Trophy - Calum Matheson (RANDAN)


Dubhaird Trophy - not sailed

Ulluva Cup - James Smith (Laser 150662)

Airighdrishaig Cup - James Smith (Laser 150662)

Ladies Race, The Achwurin Rose Bowl - Lauren Glasgow (FANTASMAGORICAL)

Sgeir Bhuide - James Smith (Laser 150662)

Pelly Cup - not sailed

St Kilda Cup - Lauren Glasgow (FANTASMAGORICAL)

Line Honours - James Smith (Laser 150662)

Mixed Class Races

RNLI Pennant - Michael Hay (NAN)

RNLI Trophy - Ian Hay (SEOLTA)

Plockton Hotel Stakes - Michael Hay (NAN) 

Jubilee Vase - Joy MacKenna (SEARANGER)

Other Trophies

Rowing Race - (RONA: 45 mins 23 secs) Kenneth MacRae, (crew: Will Bliss, Charlie Parsons, Gordon MacKenzie; cox: Cameron Kitson-Jones)

Commodore's Cup - Declan Ross

Junior Endeavour Trophy - Christopher Townend

Starminx Starters Cup - Colin McAndrew (SIRIUS)

Dolan MacKenzie Perch Rowing Trophy (SERANNA C) - Kenneth MacRae (Crew: Tristan Southall, Gordon MacKenzie, Will Bliss; cox: Jennifer Ferguson)

Cruising Cup - Peter McAlister (NANCY)

Fishing Competition (heaviest total catch and most fish) - Ewen Cameron (Crew: Douglas Cameron & Thomas MacLennan)

Heaviest single fish - Gavin McGhie with an 8lb skate